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A Sustainable Energy Solution

Since the beginning of civilization, biomass has been a major source of energy. Even today, biomass is the primary source of energy for half of the global population. At present, bio energy is the most important renewable energy option and has the potential to become the world’s largest and most sustainable energy source.

The estimated potential for bio energy production is 1135 – 1548 EJ (ExaJoule) in 2050. The global energy consumption is 490 EJ today, and could reach well over 1000 EJ in 2050. The Global potential to produce biomass for energy in a sustainable way is sufficient to meet global energy demand by 2050. Source - IEA (International Energy Agency)

Some of its key benefits are :

It is attractive at all stages of development due to its potential integration with a wide range of development strategies

  • Production of different forms of energy such as power, fuels, heating and cooling thus providing all the energy services required in a modern society
  • Creates unique opportunities for regional development
  • Aids in modernizing the agricultural economy
  • Serves as a possible solution to economic, national, environmental and political security concerns