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Thinking together: working as a team in the future-proof energy market

Excellence, performance, and integrity define the team at Power Trading. Our dedicated team of corporate and technical professionals brings unmatched experience to the industry. Our corporate staff maintains an effective mix of industry experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of a national client base.

Our technical staff relies on unparalleled construction management, construction defect litigation, civil engineering, architectural, risk management, environmental, Industrial hygiene, and right-of-way management experience in order to ensure our clients' success. Strategy consultants and energy experts – our eclectic mix of skills is impressive. It is also the only way we can do justice to our role of providing new impetus, thinking ahead and making things happen.

We combine two things in particular: a high level of personal skill and a wide range of expertise in the energy and management arena.

We stay one step ahead of our clients all the time – not only in our day-to-day project work, but also on their key issues of tomorrow. The way we do this is by collaborating and sharing our knowledge in order to benefit from the expertise of others. We can rely on each other and solve problems together. It’s easy for us, as we have a pool of consultants who bring their knowledge of different disciplines to bear on the challenges of our clients.

Every member of our staff forms a key part of Power Trading and we all work together to achieve the best possible result. As dedicated consultants and sparring partners, we work eye to eye with our clients. After all, they expect excellent results based on our detailed knowledge of the Group and our energy industry expertise. We approach the challenges of our clients with real enthusiasm for the matter at hand. We work quickly, accurately and with the courage to be innovative. We deliberately question the status quo, time after time, and express our opinions clearly and succinctly. Our common goal is to achieve sustainable results.